Opportunities Conference

The SGVEP’s Opportunities Conference, previously known as the Economic Outlook Conference began in 1995 with the purpose to maintain economic growth and market the San Gabriel Valley with a different theme every year. The annual conference has featured an exhibitor area, two general sessions, and lunch with a guest keynote speaker and is attended by 300 - 400 of the region's top business, civic and political leaders. The 2013 Conference is being planned for late spring.

2012 Event presentations

Panelist: Julio Fuentes, Alhambra Chamber of Commerce and California Redevelopment Association
Making California Competitive Again

Panelist: Jon Barilone, Tripepi Smith & Associates
Social Media as Part of Your Marketing Mix

Keynote Speaker: Marc Bergat, California Chamber of Commerce
A Plan for Restoring California's Competitiveness


2012 - Change - A Challenge and an Opportunity
2010 - Preparing for the New Economy
2008 - Opportunities Surrounding Transit Oriented Developments: Going Up & Going Green
2007 – Highlighting the Many Growing Opportunities Within the San Gabriel Valley
2006 – Emerging Business & Real Estate Opportunities in the Cities of the San Gabriel Valley
2005 – (Breakfast Presentation with Jack Kyser split from entire conference)
2004 – Sustaining the San Gabriel Valley Economy: How Do We Make the Right Decisions?
2003 – Biotechnology Emerges: Its Future in the San Gabriel Valley
2002 – The Intellectual Capital of California
2001 – Innovation: The Driving Force of the New Economy
2000 – Challenges & Opportunities of a Vibrant Economy
1999 – San Gabriel Valley: We Have It All
1998 – A View of the Future: The Community & Workplace of Tomorrow
1997 – San Gabriel Valley: The Right Choice for Business
1996 – The Challenges & The Opportunities: Trade, Trains & Technology
1995 – Power of Diversity

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